About the Author: Mikaela DiGesu, NHFRC Summer Intern

4 Jun

Hey Everyone!

I’m a rising junior at the University of New Hampshire and this summer I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Carsey Social Innovation Intern and to be placed under the amazing New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection. At UNH, I am majoring in Economics with a dual major in EcoGastronomy.  For those of you thinking, “EcoGast-what?!”, allow me to explain.  EcoGastronomy is an interdisciplinary dual major focusing on sustainable agriculture, hospitality management, and nutrition, teaching us how to integrate the idea of farm to fork into our every day lives, and the important social, environmental, and economic impacts that eating locally can have.

In my past year at UNH, I’ve become much more involved in the local food movement. I’ve become an active member of Slow Food UNH, where I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a cookbook, taken a trip up to Sugarmomma’s Maple Farm for NH Maple Weekend, and much more.  More recently, I have become the secretary of UNH’s Organic Garden Club, where I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the actual production aspect of local foods and attend the NH Northeast Organic Farming Association winter conference.

I can barely contain my excitement to be able to work with such an important and inspiring organization working towards true systemic change in our food system.

Thank you!

Mikaela DiGesu



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