New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection Creating Statewide List of Farms and Food Producers

28 Mar

It was at one of the first certification meetings of the New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection that I was able to hear a chef speak first hand about the challenges of sourcing locally. I had no idea how strapped for time chefs could be until this meeting. The word “research” kept coming up in the conversation. What could a chef possibly need to “research”, I thought, besides recipes.

After visiting multiple restaurants during the certification process, I realized the need for a regionalized, statewide list of farms and food producers  willing to sell to restaurants, schools, hospitals and retailers. If we make it easier for the chefs to find local farm products, the expectation is that more will add them to their menus.

I started by listing farms and food producers that we knew from our work promoting New Hampshire farms and organizing these farms into regions. We also utilized listings of local farms by local food organizations, such as Our Table Monadnock, however the listings are far from complete.

We wish to grow this list so that it is current and extensive. Both farms and restaurants will benefit from partnerships created by these regionalized lists. If you are a farmer or food producer interested in being listed, please email us at with the following information:

farm name

specialty products

contact person

email address

phone number


website (if applicable)

We want you on our list. Let’s finally provide easy statewide access to New Hampshire farm products for chefs, schools, hospitals, retailers and, of course, the general public.

Jennifer Aldrich, Plymouth State University, Tourism Management and Policy, Institute for New Hampshire Studies

Intern, NHFRC


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