Our Visit to Blue Moon Evolution

10 Feb

Last week Charlie and I received an application from owner Kathleen Gallant of Blue Moon Evolution in Exeter, NH. This health store converted into daily lunch and dinner restaurant claimed( I like to be skeptical at first) they source a majority of the food served locally.

Before even entering the restaurant we spotted a map pinpointing the food sources used. My head was spinning. That was going to get them some serious points for promotion and education of the guests.

After planning a last minute trip to the restaurant we were delighted to find that we were welcomed in with a tour of the kitchen. Chef Ted McCormack not only told us about his locally sourced food but he took the time to show us everything from the fresh cuts of meat to smoked bacon, prosciutto, and pates fashioned from local lambs and pigs which are butchered in the restaurant. It was clear that everyone from the owner to the wait staff was putting in the extra effort to serve and promote local food. Great effort like this deserves recognition!

Kathleen and Ted are living and breathing the local food movement, sourcing locally out of conviction, rather than just going through the motion. They are in the midst of a unique program of speakers on localism and community entitled “Food and Health Forum, Cuisine, Community, Conversation.”  Gary Hirshberg, founder of Stonyfield Farm, was the first speaker. The next session is on February 13 featuring Jim Garrison, President of Organic Seed Growers and Trade association.

Recognition of restaurants like Blue Moon Evolution was a primary reason for the development of our certified local program. We can now let everyone know that this is a restaurant that stands out from the rest in what they do. Next time you are in the area, stop on in taste for yourself!

Blue Moon Evolution is now the 4th restaurant to become Certified Local. Our hats are off to you Blue Moon. Keep doing what you are doing! Find out more about Blue Moon Evolution by visiting there website.


2 Responses to “Our Visit to Blue Moon Evolution”

  1. Larry Hansen February 16, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    What are the three other restaurants that are certified local?

    • NH Farm to Restaurant Connection February 21, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

      Hello Larry,

      REPUBLIC CAFE, THE GRAPPONE CENTER and MARGARITA GRILL are all certified. For continuous updates you can always visit and find Certified Restaurants under the “Certification” drop down menu. Thank you for asking 🙂

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